Case Study 1

Ranking - Organic Visibility - Ultimates source of Profit & TACOS Reduction

Working with this Brand for Last 7 Months and I have invested around 50% of my spending towards the ranking of keywords (1st Strike Zone – Keywords which are below 15 Positions ) ranking has been achieved via the following ways

– Exact Match on Main Keyword
– Broad Modifiers with TOS Placement
Phrase with TOS Modifier
– Sponsor Brand Exact Match Type

Rest 50% of the spend has been allocated towards sales campaigns, product targeting campaigns + Discovery Campaigns, and Catch-All Campaigns.

Week wise Sales should be monitored and have a strong eye over the Sessions & Market share for those keywords on the Top Click Share %.

No PPC Expert can let down your TACOS without Investing in Ranking Keywords. Increase Session & Visibility then every tiny thing you’ll add to the listing will work.