Case Study 2

Year-to-date, we have achieved $100K+ with a 9800% YoY growth.

Things we mostly focused on based on the audit we conducted for this brand: 👇
• Campaign Utilisation
• Brand Image
• Match Type Performance
• Placements
• Bleeders
• Structure
• Funnels

Throughout, we made sure to use proper funneling.

Three types of funneling we used:

1. Auto Funneling: We utilized Auto Funneling to import successful search terms from auto campaigns to exact campaigns for expansion. By leveraging performance data and reports, we targeted high-converting keywords and optimized ad spend for them.

2. Horizontal Funneling: We implemented Horizontal Funneling to transfer search terms from SP to SB headlines and video Ads, aiming to increase NTB orders and expand customer reach.

3. Search Term Funneling: We employed Search Term Funneling to optimize spending by reallocating the budget from search terms with no orders to those with orders while considering the conversion rate. We focused on search terms that demonstrated higher conversion potential.

Additionally, we implemented the following strategies:

• Increased budget for SB and SD ad types.
• Restructured the campaign manager with portfolio adjustments and naming convention changes.
• Optimized bids and placements for successful keywords to increase ad spend ROI.
• Utilized Data Dive and SUPA sheets extensively.
• Organized campaigns and ad groups based on the match type and branded vs. non-branded targeting.

To the moon!